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Style Makeover on a Shoestring: Top Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Tips


Most of us take pride in our homes and are keen to do all that we can to keep them looking fresh and feeling homely. The catch is that not all of us have enough disposable income to spend as much as we’d like on making our homes look great.

However, this needn’t draw a line under our ability to give our homes a makeover. Here, we look at several home improvement tips which can be carried out on a budget.

Covering the walls

Even the most minimal styles are not complete without a few pictures on the walls. Many people worry about being able to afford artwork that they like but it doesn’t always have to cost the world.


If your budget is tiny, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s ridiculously simple to knock up your own picture frames using scrap wood. Have a scroll through your pictures library and you can be sure to find a handful of shots you’d like on the wall. Any local photography shop will be able to offer high quality prints for a reasonable fee while home printers perform pretty well, providing you adjust the settings and invest in some high quality photo paper with a glossy finish.

Buy in bulk

The cost of renovating a room can soon build up when you’re changing on item at a time. If you’re keen to fit a new kitchen or bathroom, the best value can be found when buying in bulk. Rather than adding a new item whenever you can afford it, consider putting some money aside and saving for a complete makeover. Kitchen outfits can offer full fitted kitchens which will promise far greater value than you’d see when upgrading bit by bit.


Don’t underestimate the power of paint

It might seem a lengthy and expensive task to transform your entire living space, but this needn’t be so. Rather than worrying about all the finer details, you may be surprised by the impact of a fresh coat of paint. Particularly if you’re willing to see to the paintwork yourself, this can be a simple and wonderfully cost-effective means of brightening up any room.


Embrace greenery

Plants are able to transform living spaces in an instant. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to cover the surfaces with an array of gorgeous seasonal flowers or are happy with a sole pot plant in the corner, the addition of greenery to the house will do wonders for its overall feel.


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