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Stylish and simple interior design

Modern and Trendy

Modern and Trendy

Futuristic design seems to be the new ‘in’ thing. This new fad sheds  some light on the progress interior design has made in our world. The design in the picture looks beautiful and flawless. It has achieved a shapely perfection that is awing to behold.

The floor is the classiest color in interior design to me- black. Black is suave and cool. The room is dominated by this smooth black shade. The feel of the floor would be cool and calming, I know it. The important contrasting theme in this design is the combination of red and black. This theme is very popular, considering how good the two colors look together. Black and white is no longer as beautiful or lovely, and now themes like black and red or black and green have taken over.

The first thing that will catch your eye is the bright crimson of the chairs and the ornamental piece on the black cupboard. These chairs are designed stylishly, with no complications or odd designs. The table between the chairs is the very symbol of futuristic design. It utilizes rectilinear and spherical shapes to create a piece of furniture. The glass and black base consists of angular shapes and a circle.

The rest of the room is similar to the table and chairs. The cupboard up against the white wall is black in color, and has ornaments of various colors on it. The room is also well lit, with a pretty lantern, similar to a Chinese one, hanging from the ceiling.

Looking at this room, I feel slightly attached to it, because it seems to have everything it requires. It is spacious, stylish, well designed, and easy to maintain. The colors used in it are sleek and seem to complement each other, especially the red and black theme. The room is very original in its modern perspective. It is a design that a person who loves formality and flawlessness would like.

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