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Sunny Bedroom


Sunny bedroom

Sunny Bedroom

There are very few colors that catch the eye instantly, and one of these colors is yellow. The color of sunshine, it calls for your attention almost immediately, especially when used with patterns and different designs. It makes a room seem full of warmth, and makes it glow with happiness.

This bedroom is a perfect example of that. The walls are a smooth white, matching the window sills and ceiling. The wall parallel to the bed is made with jutting out stripes of white.

The positioning of the bed is excellent, especially for a person who enjoys reading. The head of the bed is right below the two windows, which are set very close to each other. This positioning allows breeze to freely enter the room, along with light. The grills of the windows are stylishly made, consisting of just horizontal bars. The window drapes are a translucent white, and match the windows.

Beside the bed is a little bedside table like drawer. It is very small, but still has space for a lampshade, or magazines, or books, or even decorative items like vases or pictures. The drawers easily have enough space for things like comics to read before sleep, and many more things. In the above display, this is the first hint of yellow we get- on the drawers. We see a group of vases, all yellow ochre in color. Beside the lampshade, there is a small white clock.

The first thing that catches our eye is the bed. It is roughly square in shape, and has a beautiful bed cover. The cover is bright yellow, with white patterns of plants and birds on it. There are three main pillows resting at the bed head, and these are of the same pattern. The other cushions offer some contrast as they are navy blue and black. To add a certain sense of uniqueness to the room’s design, there is a lovely lamp hanging from the ceiling, shaped like petals of a flower opening outward.

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