Bedroom Interior Designs — April 9, 2013 at 3:24 pm

Surround yourself with luxurious interior!



There was a time when luxury was a royal families privilege. Nowadays everything has changed, now everyone can decor your home as he wants. You can use any style to decor your interior. There is no second thought to buy an intricate swirls bed, dress up your walls with golden wallpapers, buy handmade textile or refined chandelier, if you really want to do it. Aspiration to the beauty is expressed in everything.



Crystal table legs is a rarity even in a royal interior. Refinement and fragility creates fabulous attraction. In addition: combination upholstery sofa, silk pillows embroidered by hand.



A piece of art, not just a bed! Textile and decor of upholstery near headboard are perfect. Take a look at, cover, rollers and pillowcases! Lace valance finishes the polished composition. And this amazing decor of headboard using combination of soft and rough materials. Flowers rosette… I am speechless.



Golden velvet cover and identical curtains are dominant in this interior. Nightstands are adding to the ensemble. Headboard in a tortoiseshell color merges with a dark figured wallpapered wall and ceiling.



Another example of a luxury bed. Just using a satin upholstery was not enough, so they decided to add some gold framing with red jewels inlaid. Unforgettable!



Splendor of this room is not just one dominant object – everything is brilliant! Fussy and very expensive sofa, exquisite chairs and console and of course a very solid antique coffee table in the middle. Everything is pricey and adorable. Handmade area rug, amazing chandelier, golden organza curtains. I don’t believe you can leave in such interior, everything is so pretty and WOW.



Gold plated elements are immediately taking all your attention. Contrast, expression, day light. Everything shines here: console legs, sofa couch, frame of the art on the wall and even vases!


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