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Swedish Décor For Your Reading Room

Book-lined sitting room

Book-lined sitting room

This cool loft space by Swedish is a wonder of out of the box interior design. It is a wonderful room with a funky, modern vibe. The loft employs uncommon and atypical elements to create a distinctive and deceptively simple room. As a space, it is very livable. It is modern, futuristic and an inspiring and creative space.

The seemingly random space is playful and geometric. It is a very interactive room, with lots of light and fun elements that catch the eye. The color palette is simple- white and silver. The only thing that breaks this monotony is the bookshelf with books all over.

As is common knowledge, white is a very essential and well-used color, and rightly so. This is because white is a reflective color that happens to accentuate light and use it to its potential. Also, white maximizes a space and makes it look larger than it actually might be.

The silver in this room adds a steely, minimalist edge to the space. It could easily have made the room seem too stern, harsh and official, but this is counteracted by the whimsical shapes that are found in the room.  How many circular lofts have you actually seen? Even the windows are either circular, or are placed in unusual areas.

A great thing about this room is the seating area next to the window below the bookshelf. This eccentric and unusual spot is adorable and cozy. It gives one a feeling of actually sitting in the bookshelf. These are the details that make the room what it is.

The room has a mini Gladiator-arena quality to it thanks to the circular depression that holds the main area of the space. This interesting touch lends new dimensionality to the area.

All in all, this is a wonderfully decorated and well-spaced room.

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