Bedroom Interior Designs — February 27, 2011 at 3:41 pm

Teddy Bear and Butterflies


bear and butterflies

bear and butterflies

Brightness and warmth should fill a room meant for a child, and the
room pictured shows this excellently. The floor is a smooth red, and
so is the pouf resting on it. The sofa chair beside the pouf is beige
in color, and has a green cushion, and a pink teddy bear resting on
it. The cradle-like bed is raised high, and the wooden railing is a
polished brown shade. The mattress itself is situated high up, and
there are cute little red ribbons tied around the railing. The wall is
a sunshiny yellow, with pretty pink butterfly patterns on it. There is
a lamp hanging from that wall, illuminating the entire room.
	I think it’s tough making a room like this. It’s simple, spacious,
and well designed at the same time. The colors used are all rich, to
enhance the creative beauty of the interiors. The reds and yellows are
warm colors, and of course, seem to warm the room by their very glow.
The sofa chair is a source of comfort- soft, squishy, and taking up
very little space. I can already picture a child lying in the bed, and a
parent sitting on the chair, patiently waiting for the child to fall
	The bed itself looks extremely comfortable. Its mattress is colored
with a simple white that is patterned, and the bed frame is made
attractive with bows tied from ribbons. This shows the simplicity of
the room- that one can create beauty from something simple like a
ribbon. There is even space at the bottom of the bed to put
boxes or other things like clothes.
	The lighting is well done, as the whole room is well lit, and the
wallpaper is fabulous. It consists of only two parts- the yellow
background and the butterflies, but it still looks lovely, like the
butterflies are fluttering out of the mattress and into the sunlight.

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