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Textured Wallpapers for Home Interiors


If you are planning to enhance your home decor by adding to its embellishments and accents, you can start with adding colors and patterns to your home. One good way of doing it would be to add wallpapers. Wallpapers keep making its come back every few years and it has done so now – a fashionable come back! Many designers who are into designing high-end homes today are wooing wallpapers as never before! This is especially true when home owners don’t want to go in for mere home furnishing but for home decoration. This is why many designers feel that wall papers can add that ‘decorated’ touch to homes more than painted walls could. Wallpapers can instantly rejuvenate a home.

And since wallpapers are back in fashion, manufacturers of wall papers leave no stone unturned in creating refreshing new designs to suit many tastes and preferences. The most popular designs a season or two ago had been floral patterns and stripes. Rich and hot colors had been most sought after then. But today, wallpaper manufacturers are bringing out more subtle designs and patterns with soft and neutral colors to enhance the depth of the walls. You have many more varieties and patterns today and you can easily find a matching wall paper designing that could go with your other furnishings.

For your living room walls, choose textured papers that are light weight and if your living is small you can opt for a design that can add depth to the rooms. The textured paper wallpaper decor is becoming very popular today as it is a totally new trend in wallpaper design and many also see it as something that is considered  it to be some kind of a transition between  traditional and cutting edge decor trends. Other patterns in wallpapers today are weave patterns that are scaled boldly, metal burnish patterns and wood grain patterns.

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