Daily ideas — March 9, 2013 at 5:53 pm

The art of choosing a chandelier



Just think about it, how big is an impact of a chandelier on your interior. It can play very different roles. For someone it is a light source, for others it is a decor. You choose what it is for you!



This type of chandelier just above your dining table is wide spread. Crystal lamps matching your glasses and dining ware. Forged metal base matches chairs. 



You don’t often find a chandelier in your bathroom, it is consider an unusual decision for me. Color matches the floor and some parts of the walls. Nice combination of white and black with addition of shades of grey. I would say a very noble design. 



Beautiful Tiffani style chandelier has a nice fit in this bedroom and it’s color theme. Absolute ratio!



Great colors all around the room. This is a very stylish place, you can see through the windows they also have color lighting outside. Without color chandeliers, furniture and flooring would not be contrasting so emphatically. 



The biggest source of light in this room is a huge chandelier with lots of lights. Not just a decor, even with those floor lamps in the far corners. 



Designers chandelier like this does not provide lots of the light for the room. However it’s shape is a find for lovers of true modern and comfort decor. Also look how it has mirrors and black polish details rotating on it, that surely gives you a game of shadows when it’s dark outside. 


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