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The Beige Theme


The Beige Theme

The Beige Theme

Did you know that when it comes to choosing themes for your interior decors there is absolutely no dearth of ideas! I mean you can even on a budget you can easily go in for contemporary, retro or minimalistic themes. And there are these Japanese, Moroccan and Asian themes which too have a class of their own. But currently what many modern interior decorators offer their clients is the color theme.  The good thing about color themes is that you can use a particular style and integrate it with the color scheme. Remember it is your home and you have every right to style it the way you like. The only fact that should be borne in mind is that for all practical purposes it should be aesthetically pleasing, warm, comfortable, cozy, inviting and welcome.

Here we see a small apartment styled in the beige color theme. This is an apartment that has been occupied by either a single person or two people. The décor is minimalistic keep in mind the size of the room or apartment. What we can see here is a part of the living room, the kitchen and the dining area. If you look carefully you can see that the space is not very large yet the area is not cluttered. The kitchen is well equipped with a sink, microwave, a refrigerator and fairly large storage units. The decorator has used the color beige for all the units. The three units the kitchen, dining area and the living room are an extension of each other and the color beige unifies them wonderfully. The accent is provided by the orange sofa upholstery. While orange is indeed a hot color, it appears almost pastel here due the subtle shades of beige surrounding it. What adds to the attraction here is the lighting. A combination of focused lighting and ambient lighting gives this room a very pleasing aura.

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