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The Magic of Sweding Decor

Swedish Decor

Swedish Decor

Swedish Décor has always been one of the favorites with many interior decorators and it will continue to be for its very unique and classy environs. This is because there is a touch of class and elegance in pale pastel colors which is very difficult to replicate while using hot hues. All the rooms in the style have walls and ceilings with white, off-white or very pale blue colors. Color accents are added by means of rugs and curtains which could be shades of lavender, pale yellow or pale pink shades. While walls are painted in white, you can use decorative moldings and paint them with pale pink or light lilac shades.

The flooring is almost always light. The floor boards used are of pale wood and if you have to go in for tiles choose white shades. Most of the Swedish homes are uncarpeted. But you can include one if you feel the need to do so. Here to choose pale colored ones or simple stripes that could be lavender and white or pale lilac and white. Remember white should be a part of it to lend credence to the authentic Swedish designs.

You can improve the authenticity of your Swedish décor by accessorizing it with antique object of art that are or resemble the Scandinavia of the 19th century. One object that is very authentic here is the large Scandinavian Grandfather clock. Yet another Swedish delight is the faux frame. Use this frame for your family photos. Have a canvas wall art of snowcapped mountains with a faux frame for the white walls. While Swedish themes are not very difficult to design and replicate, it is indeed rather tough to maintain them unless we had somebody specifically employed to take for of the home. Being white themed, the dust can show very easily and even a little bit of spillage of coffee or any other drink could cause damage that needs to be dealt with immediately.

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