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The Magic of Table Skirts


Now if you have a table that has perhaps chipped of in some places or perhaps lost its sheen and appears to be some kind of an eyesore to an otherwise beautiful decor, don’t be tempted to give it away. You can actually beautify this table and even make it a focal point by using table skirts. Table skirts never go out of fashion and you can create your own ones with a little bit of imagination and plenty of aesthetic sense.

The table could be your dining table, a bedside table, a dressing table, a side table, night stand or a tall table that holds artifacts or flower vases.  The beauty of this concept is that it is very inexpensive and pretty much versatile.  All that you have to do is to make sure that table legs are strong, if not, a little bit of DIY carpentry can surely help. If you are using a table skirt for the dining table, make sure that the skirt does not come in way of chairs or the knees of users. You may of course be worried that the table skirt, since it is made of cloth will get stained and get dirty. You cannot simply wipe off the spills and grease from it. There is a solution for this too. You can get a glass top for it. There are many hardware shops that provide you with cut-to-order glass. This keeps the cloth underneath clean and the table easy to maintain.

A table that is skirted with matching colors placed next to a sofa or a chair can also serve to be a filler to an empty corner. You can use the table to place a vase of fresh flowers to add more color to the room. If you have some space in the hallway it would a great idea to place a skirted table there with a large antique bowl or brass bowl for the keys.

So the next time you are tempted to do away with a old stool or table, think again!

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