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The Masculine Interior

The Masculine Interior
The Masculine Interior

Is it really possible to see a room and immediately  recognize it to be a room that has a man’s style or a woman’s? Most interior decorators do indeed manage to give the homes a neutral touch. And yet there are many homes and rooms that have a touch of masculinity to them. No frills, no frames, but just raw practicality. And yet there is a beauty to it. It at many times looks as if a great deal of painstaking effort has gone to give that room that cool, simple and practical masculine effect.

Take a look at this room for instance. One immediately knows that this is a man’s room. First of all it is the leather upholstery which indeed spell masculinity. This arm chair looks as if it has been specially designed for the owner and also look much used and much used well. The chair looks very comfortable and cozy. The accompanying footstool matches the arm chair limb for limb. The two pieces go so well with each other. The carpet made to look like a tiger skin adds to the theme. The tall circular table is there only because there needs to be a stand for the books. This is a room where a man would like to relax undisturbed with some quality reading material. A small practical chair close to a writing desk takes care of the functionality of writing if the need arises. The wall art with an abstract theme in golden yellow, contrasts well with the dark colored walls. They manage to bring into the room a much needed brightness.

The floor paneling is of dark oak and blends in well with the theme. This is a room that is designed for its practicality rather than beauty. It also brings for the personality of owner of the room.

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