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The Parisian Apartment Decor


Bringing in the European beauty into your homes is something that many of you would like to do. Why not create a Parisian Apartment Decor to your homes. The intrigue coupled with romance of this particular style has a unique elegance and charm.

So how do we go about bringing in Paris right into our homes? Not a very difficult task at all! This style is epitomized with ceilings that are high and the architectural style and details that one can only call grand. Try incorporating a small balcony and make sure you have railings there made of wrought iron. This decor would ideally suit an apartment right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a city. The windows have to be tall. This is because, the Parisians loved to look at the beautiful river Seine from the comfort of their homes. There is the privacy of home mingled with the sight of busy pedestrians and traffic in the city. Private and yet public!

The interiors are bejeweled with the green of sparkling emerald, the blue of the sapphire and the black of ebony. Gold color is liberally used to accentuate the furniture and other embellishments of the decor. Be wise in choosing the furniture if you want to have an authentic look. All the pieces should have a vintage look and the class of elegance that should look time-worn. Luxurious silks and rich shimmering brocades and velvets should be used for sofa upholstery and curtains. Furniture should be dark with wooden carvings and gold accents.

Use vintage posters for wall decor. These could be any scene from Paris – the Eiffel tower, the Railway Station in Paris, the large clocks from the railway stations, French bars and other night spots and the like which will add authenticity to the theme.

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