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The Popularity of Bean Bags




If you are looking for some pieces of novel furniture for you homes you cannot have missed the bean bag. The Bean Bags are definitely one of the very popular kinds of furniture. It basically consists of a seal bag that is filled with dry beans. Alternately these days, the beans are replaced with expanded polystyrene of even pellets of PVC. Bean bags were first used in the 1960s by the hippies. Ever since then it has become of one of the most comfortable, novel and sought after furniture in many households. The Italians were the first to manufacture the bean bags but it is more popular today in the US than in Italy.

Comfort is the keyword when one thinks of the bean bag first. Then comes novelty. As a matter of fact bean bags are also popular because they are inexpensive, easy to move around and can be placed in any room in the house! While there has been a steady improvement in the quality of bean bags, the basic structure continues to remain the same. Leather had been the most popular upholstery for bean bags perhaps because it was strong enough to hold all the ‘beans’ inside without giving way! But today the leather upholstery is being lined with soft fabrics for comfort purposes. The improvement we see in bean bags today is mostly to do with the safety features and head rests which in a way is desirable.

Bean bags are light weight and they can be moved around in the house. If you want a comfortable seat by your swimming pool, you just have to pull out the bean bag from inside your homes. Another important and attractive feature of a bean bag is that being light weight it does not leave any kind of dent on the floor. You can easily move it around when you are cleaning or dusting your homes without having to worry about the marks it may make on your floors or carpets.

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