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The Right Countertop for your Kitchen


When you are remodeling your kitchen, you may wonder what kind of material you should be using for counter-tops. True there are too many to choose from. Let’s take a look at the most popular counter-tops of today. Make an educated choice depending on its suitability to your style of cooking.

Granite Counter-tops is the most abundantly used in kitchens today. It can hold up heat and the color ranges that are available here is immense with more 2500 hues. These can last a lifetime and when it comes to maintenance, they are the easiest to do so. They are not very cheap, but are definitely is worth investing on.

Ceramic tiles are another choice. These are very durable and not very expensive. These are also easy to clean and maintain, but are prone to cracks and susceptible to damage. They can take on a good bit of heat and are easy to clean.

There are some house owners who choose Laminates for kitchen counter-tops. The trademark ones are Formica, the most popular and Wilsonart. The laminates are basically synthetics that are plastic coated that have a sleek smooth surface which are easy to clean and fairly easy to maintain. They are inexpensive and come in a variety of different colors. But it is very difficult, in fact almost impossible to repair scratches or stains here.

If you like your kitchen to look sleek, smart and industrial you can go in for Stainless Steel counter-tops. These go in with a contemporary theme. The stainless steel counters are very durable and heat resistant to a very large extent. But they are expensive and noisy which could be an irritant to some. Also you cannot use this surface to cut on.

For a country styled kitchen, you can choose wooden counter-tops. They are very attractive to look at and spread a kind of warmth which not many others materials could match up with. You get them in a wide range of colors too. The most popular choice of wood here is hardwoods like oak or maple. They are easy to maintain and can also be repaired easily enough. But over a period of time water can damage them and they also tend to stain in the course of time.

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