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The Right Paint Colors for Your Walls


One of the most difficult tasks in interior decoration and design is to choose the right paint colors for your walls.

While for a few it is not very difficult as they have a particular color scheme in mind and articulate the rest of their decor based on this – for many others this decision always takes the longest and yet they are always worried if they have made the right choice afterall! They do have cause to worry for this is indeed one of the most expensive mistakes one can make and one does make.

One way of working out the color scheme would be match it with something you already have. It could be your sofa upholstery or perhaps an expensive carpet. It could also be a lovely art object that you take pride in. You can start with this. If you have nothing to go by, take a look at some interior decor magazines or websites and choose a color your like. Neutral colors are desirable if you want to you living room interior focusing on your art display objects. This way you draw more attention to the object rather than the walls. If your carpet or other upholstery is of a vibrant color and you think it would not be a good choice for walls, then you can choose to paint one

Choose wall accents or have one wall painted with a bright color if you want to match them with the rest of your interiors. Or you can choose to paint a part of the wall with the accent color too. If your rooms are small choose pale color. They not only brighten the up but also manage to give the room a spacious look. Dark color paints can be chosen if your rooms are too big. Choose window blinds to match the color of your paint – it could be the wall colors or the accent colors. This is one aspect of interior decoration you cannot afford to experiment with – which is why take your time and make the right choice.

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