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The Room With The View


Room With a View

Room With a View

If you are one of those lucky few who have an apartment high up with an amazing view of the city – well you must make the most of it. There is nothing as fascinating as view and it would be downright criminal to hide this view with walls. All you have to take care of is the safety feature of your room.

Here is one such room with a view that is quite breath taking. This is one place you really don’t have to be concerned about the focal point or which part of the room or which object of art that you would like to highlight! The view out-shadows everything here! Yet let us pay some attention to the interior décor here. The decorator has very cleverly made sure that the location of the apartment and the view it affords is given maximum consideration here. Walls are completely done away with in this amazing living room.

The furniture chosen for this room is comfortable and subtle and blends in completely with the flooring. The soft beige gives this room a sobering effect which one absolutely requires given the fact that the view here can quite take one’s breath away. We see a very neat integration of the browns here. The flooring with wooden paneling lends a touch of aristocracy to this room. The sofas are large and comfortable. The large brown cushions are fluffy and add to the comfort. The designer has been careful not to choose any stripes, checks or any other patterns in the fabric here. The beauty of the entire furniture ensemble is its exquisite simplicity.

The lighting is such that it throws and even bean through the entire room without casting any shadow. This is a neat trick. The intensity of the lights are also adjustable to suit the occasion. If you are planning on an interior décor for your living room with a good view – take a tip from this room design.

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