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The Window Treatment


Many a time we have admired the window treatment in a house we have visited or liked the window decor in luxury hotels. The thing is we can provide our home windows to a similar treatment. Windows are yet another aspect in interior decoration that one tends to pay the least attention to.  The window treatment should complement the rest of the décor in your house too.  This is especially necessary if you are blessed with a window that has a wonderful view of the outside world; be it a scenic landscape, woods or the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you don’t have an awesome view and you feel that the window can be used to enhance the decoration instead, then make sure that the windows are adorned with ornamental plants. The material used to construct the window sill to should match with the material in the room, wood, granite or tiles. If you want the windows curtained choose the drapery with care.  Always remember they should match the color of the room to create the perfect ambiance. Care should also be taken when buying the drapery rods and brackets.  The rods and brackets should be able to withstand the weight of the curtains that are going to be placed there.

If you have an awesome view, then make sure that this is the vantage point of your room. Make window seats that are comfortable and relaxing. Place soft cushions there. You can also build window seats with storage spaces.  If the room is too bright and during some part of the day you would want it to be subdued, choose dark curtains. On the other hand if you like the like streaming in choose think curtains with pastel shades. Windows should be used to enhance the decor of your rooms. So when you plant on a make over or take up a remodeling project, pay special attention to those windows!

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