Bedroom Interior Designs — June 1, 2011 at 1:20 am

Theme of white gold in bedroom interior design


Minimalism i.e., minimalist design is a big trend these days. It is such a big trend that people are already getting tired of it. People don’t want boring sleek surfaces anymore. They no longer find it exciting. They would rather have a place with lots of character and personality. Minimalism now seems extremely generic and uninteresting.

This room is a perfect example of how excitement and variety can be brought into a room to make it look beautiful yet original. The room is flavored with luxury and versatility. It is elegant and sophisticated without losing its eccentricity.

The room is an ode to the Renaissance Age and the art, culture and history of that period. There is a lot of gold, cream and brown. The objects in the room are gilded and glamorous, with a period feel. For example, the lampshades are very intricately made to look grand. Gold is a very glamorous, flashy color, but the place avoids being too flashy because the gold is toned down.

The aura of luxury is underlined even more thanks to the fur bed throw that takes up the bottom part of the bed. The headboard of the bed is in rich, creamy leather with black studs. The black accents add a nice edge to the room. There is a pretty oil painting above the bed, in between two extremely grand candelabras.

Juxtaposed with the grandness and glamour of the space is the whimsical and pretty wallpaper that is both vintage and delicate. It is made up of a simple yet original leaf motif repeated all over.

This room may be too over the top for most tastes, but it is beautiful all the same. It indicates that the owner of the space is willing to experiment and take risks with aesthetics and design.

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