Daily ideas — February 5, 2013 at 2:10 pm

Daily: Traditional aristocratic design, modern monotones and more


Today we look at some traditional aristocratic design with small touches of modern to it. Be prepared for too many details all around.

This kitchen room is screaming simple luxury. Take a look at those materials, you have a very solid feeling about dining here, don’t you? 


Here I would say designer overextended a little on the chic side. Yes, it is beautiful, but it feels a little cold to my taste. And take a look at that colorful area rug. 


Now this on the other side is absolute minimalism and modern just right here. Sharp, clean, monotone with bright details. Remove that painting from this room and you have a whole different feel. Take a look at these woods in the wall. 


 Who told you round bed can’t be cozy. However I am not sure of this laces here, I would say worm fur would make a better fit for this particular room. It feels a little out of place. And that side furniture?


For people who don’t like spending time in a bathtubs this is the perfect bathroom! Take a look at that spacious shower place. You don’t need to be careful not to break down the glass here, just do what you like.


Now let’s go for some kitchen details. Be warned, there is no limit to the small detailed stuff like these, once you start you can not stop and soon your kitchen stuff will play hide-and-seek with your eyes. ;-)


Without this glass wall this room would look totally different. But who cares what would be without, it is here! Amazingly spacious and relaxed feeling for a not-so-big room in my opinion. Nice shades of beige all around the room. Very warm and relaxed.


For a desert we have this outside dining place. No need to say anything here, enjoy!

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