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Traditional Interior Decor


A comforting and classic form of decoration with a good bit of aesthetic sense thrown gives you ‘the traditional style’. This style puts more emphasis on integration of comfort and elegance and gives forth an ambiance of welcoming and warm interiors. One may think that there is not much room for experimentation in this kind of style as it is very predictable, serene and pretty much orderly. Very true, for there is no room for chaos here!

All the furniture pieces are very consistent and match perfectly. There is a very natural blend of wall colors, art pieces, wall art hangings, carpets and upholstery. Even traditional rooms like the living room, dining room, and kitchen are least ostentatious and there is nothing that stands out. This style does not allow for breathtaking interiors but relies on the age old techniques of comfort and warmth. You don’t see an object of art that one can call eclectic here. We don’t see an abstract canvas wall art on the walls. A landscape, a still life art, a beach art or wine art are the kind of pieces we find on the walls here. The edges of the furniture are smooth and easily blend into the wholesomeness of the theme.

There is a timelessness here that not many art decor styles can provide. You are not decorating your homes to show off  expensive artifacts. You don’t draw attention to the things you possess but to yourself here! Visitors, family, and friends are here to meet with you and interact with you and not to praise your artifacts or your decor.

The fabrics are not fussy – they are not heavily textured or too shiny. Small patterns, floral patterns with plain warm colors usually in mid-tones are used in traditional styles of decoration. The furniture is designed for comfort – a sofa will be placed sensibly close to the fireplace. The bed in the bedroom is at the center of bedroom wall – usually the longest wall. Lighting is done for practical purposes and not as a focal point.  What you are going to provide here is a very homely and non-jarring and a kind of understated ambiance. If that is what you are looking for then you should go in for a traditional style of decoration.

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