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Treat Your Windows Right

Bay Windows

Bay Windows

Windows are a large part of a building, be it a house or an office building. Here, we are going to focus on windows for your home.  When you buy an apartment, you would be looking for windows to throw light into the rooms. You would also want as much fresh breeze to flow in as possible. More to the point, and if possible, you would be looking for a fairly acceptable view out of the window. Many apartments tend to be built close to each other and you would want to avoid looking into your neighbor’s living room, or worse into their bedrooms! In the case of an independent home, you get to choose the view and how to enjoy it.

If the room has a bay window, you would most certainly want to use it for your own cozy corner by doing it up with your personal taste. You could decorate it in such a way that it becomes part of the room itself and yet, has a wider view of the outside. In the window treatment here, the sectioned two halves make it easy for an uncluttered view. While the windows themselves have been left bare, you could add curtains that are light and transparent. They can be gathered to the sides and tied. Arranging the benches along the shape of the windows and adding a cushion makes this a perfectly romantic seating area. You can lift the half window up and lean out and you can bring in as much air as you wish for.

The seats are facing each other with another seat connecting the two making it a cozy corner. If you want to brighten the area, add a few colorful cushions, place a couple of potted plants, and you have got yourself a niche as you enjoy the view!

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