Bedroom Interior Designs — February 7, 2011 at 6:06 pm

Tree House Style



This is an adorable room for children. It is a fun and lively room, without being jarring and too brightly colored. It is extremely creatively done. The theme is obviously a tree-house. This room is the perfect room for children to play in and enjoy. Children will enjoy this room because of the ladder and the model tree trunk. The entire room is like one big party.

Aesthetically, the room is very pretty. It is neither too masculine nor too feminine. The walls are painted in blue, green, white- calm and relaxing colors. The room has many interesting features. There is a huge fake tree placed in the middle of the room. The leaves of the tree are in fact the painted on the ceiling.

The bed, at first, is hard to find. However, it is actually in the tiny tree-house like model attached to the wall. There is a little ladder leading up to the ‘tree-house’ bed. There is a little window inside the tree-house- it’s a cute little feature.

The room isn’t cluttered with too much furniture. In fact, furniture is barely seen. There’s a raised platform in the room like a stage. The sides of the platform have drawers for clothes, toys and other supplies. This is a great thing because furniture like a chest of drawers and a wardrobe would only take away from the room.

There is a nice study space for homework as well. The room is well-lit and bright. A child’s room should never be in darkness. It should not be gloomy or depressing. This room does a great job in ensuring that there is a positive feel to the room.

It is nice to see such creativity going into room décor. It is sure to guarantee one’s child a happy and memorable childhood.

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