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Unique chair for a unique interior decoration



When I first saw this chair, I was slightly stunned. In short, I almost fell off mine. Clearly, the designer has gone berserk with colors here. I usually don’t like such random and crazy ideas like this, but this case is an exception.

The shape of the chair is the first thing to look at. It is suave, classy, and exactly something a person would love to collapse into. It looks soft, plushy, and comfortable. The seat and backrest aren’t the only things different here. Even the frame of the chair is colored with the same style. The legs of the chair look like paws, curling beautifully at the ends. The top of the backrest of the chair seems to be an unraveled crown, with its various majestic curls and spikes.

The only reason this chair is different from others is the way it is colored. Have you ever seen pixels on a photograph, enlarged so you can see the individual colors? This is what the entire chair is made of. Trillions of colored squares squeezed together to create a beautiful mosaic effect make this design what it is. The colors seem to move into various shades and hues. The backrest is full of mainly cooling blues, while the left side is more red and orange and red. The right side is a brazen gold.

Overall, this chair is excellent. It is designed to be comfortable, and it even takes up very little space. Its colors make it extremely appealing. It looks majestic and antique, yet is modern in its perspective of color. The main attraction it has is its novelty. You won’t find a design like this anywhere else, at least, one that looks as good.

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