Commercial Interior Designs — May 22, 2011 at 4:17 pm

Unique Interior Design In Public Areas


Our world is based on trends, fads, and the opinion of the general public. If an important person or celebrity decides to wear his hair differently, thousands of people will attempt to do the same.

Very rarely do you get a person who experiments and makes changes in things. And when he does, it is also rare that it is looked upon as good. Interior design is different though. Novelty and uniqueness in interior design thrive in our world. People always want to see new things in interior design. They want to see new systems of lighting, strange themes and combinations of colors, odd furniture shapes and more. To see a room that is relatively different from others is good because it catches the attention very well. The design catches attention, and then makes you focus on the minute details, which may shock you even more. Now, modern design is largely comprised of odd designs. Sometimes I can’t fathom how a few designs can even be considered designs- they look so different from the normal, just like this design.

The design of the bench in the picture caught my eye instantly. It’s something I never even thought I’d see, ever. The benches are long, spacey, and are colored a calming and pleasant shade of green. The funny thing about this bench is that while at one end it sits on the ground, offering a seat to people, the other end branches off and spreads upwards, curling in the air like serpents bodies. The ends of these serpents have beautiful little lights on them. I can imagine how good this bench would look at night. Though it takes up a lot of space, it offers a lot too, and looks good. The idea of it surprises me because of how easily it seems to be constructed, but it is actually much more complicated than it seems.

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