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Unique Interior Design of Living and Dining Space

Spacious Open Living and Dining Room

Spacious Open Living and Dining Room

Minimalism is definitely the way to go in today’s interior decoration. It is clean, simple and wonderfully pleasing to the eye. It makes a house seem calmer and tidier, even if the house is actually a mess!

This indoor/outdoor space in this charming Australian home is the perfect example of minimalism today. It is a long, basic space that has been divided into an inner area and an outer area. The inner area serves as the living-cum-dining room. It is a functional, utilitarian space that is modern, sleek and luxurious. The outer area is equally, if not more, luxurious. It holds a long, glass topped table that is probably used for outdoor meals.

As is common with minimalism, the main color used is white. White is accented by browns and beiges, colors that blend in with the minimalist trend, rather than stand out. Almost everything in this space is white. The walls, the dining furniture, the outdoor furniture, the atypical fan and the sheepskin rug are all white. White is a naturally light reflecting shade, and it has the tendency to maximize a space cleverly.

The floor is of light wood, and makes up the brown of the room. The sofas in the living area are also dark colors- one armchair is brown while the other is an olive green. The center table is a well-polished wood table.

The minimalist trend is accentuated by the modernity of the furniture. The dining room chairs and the outdoor dining chairs are very futuristically designed. They add an element of interest to an otherwise seemingly monotonous room. The artiness of the furniture is further emphasized by the large brown installation outside.

While you might not be able to afford such a grandiose and luxurious space, take ideas from the way it has been thoughtfully decorated. The use of color is excellent, while modern accessories guarantee a new edge to an old place.

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