Bathroom Interior Designs — March 26, 2011 at 5:10 pm

Unique Lemony Basin To Enhance Bathroom Interiors

Lemon-Drop in the Bathroom

Lemon-Drop in the Bathroom

Every day, we see new and modern concepts of interior design introduced into our world. We see the appeal of a room escalating by huge amounts with the addition of something novel, different, and unique. Going by the famous Gestalt psychologists, the ‘whole is more important than the parts’, but the whole is made up of the parts. Each of these parts must be beautiful in their own way, to make sure the entire room looks good.

This displays one of the strangest, and yet, one of the most pretty and lovely bathroom pieces. Shapes and colors are incredibly important in interior design. This wash basin is sublime and unique in its shape and color.
The basin is shaped exactly like a lemon, fat and juicy. The shape itself is different from usual designs. The lemon yellow color of the basin is rich and incites thoughts of tasty lemonade. The color is bright and eye catching as well. The outer part of the basin, visible only if a person bends to look, is white. The shape of this basin also makes one feel that it is floating in mid air.

The wall of the bathroom is mainly black, with a few white tiles as well. Bright colors against a black background always make the colors look extra bright, and of course adds a sense of contrast to the room,which greatly adds to its appeal. When you stand back and look at the yellow against the black, you tend to realize how beautiful the basin’s design really is.

It is innovative and unique. It is also easy to use. Its edges are not too high, and are not slightly sharp at all. The drain even looks attractive- simple looking like a ring of black in the yellow. It is large, but also small enough to make it easy to maintain.

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