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Unique Pieces of Furniture For Interior Design

Artistic and Utilitarian

Artistic and Utilitarian

Small spaces are very tricky to decorate. On the one hand, they need to stay uncluttered and clean, but on the other hand, they have to be interesting and aesthetically appealing. The reason people don’t bother to decorate small spaces is because they give up on the space too early. They do not realize that a small space can be made as beautiful as a large space.

This room is an excellent example of good design. This room is well lit and aesthetically pleasing. The room is not minimalist, as it uses a good amount of objects and furniture that keep it full and interesting. Yet, the place manages to not be cluttered. The owner has not gone overboard with furniture and curios, and has used simple coloring to create an elegant yet exciting feel.

The color palette is sophisticated and simple. It consists of tints and shades of gray, blue, white and brown. White is the most important color here as it rounds off the room. White is important because it is a light reflecting color. White creates an illusion of more space, and this is very important for small rooms.

There are large windows, which are more vertical than horizontal. The windows bring in a lot of natural sunlight and are excellent for cross ventilation. For a small room, this is important.

The owner has certainly not been afraid to experiment with interesting objects and furniture. The dusky blue sofa is an excellent piece that adds visual interest to the space. The sofa is decorated with dark brown and white pillows. An interesting aspect of the room is the coffee table in the middle that is very utilitarian. It holds space for storage and has an industrial feel to it.

The over-all feel of the room is classy and sophisticated. It is a great source of inspiration.

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