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Unique Reading Room

Book Loving and Unique

Book Loving and Unique Sitting Room

This living room obviously belongs to an avid reader. Just look at the way the wall of books extends to the first floor. It is an amazing sight. The owner of this place has placed all the importance on the books he or she owns.

The rest of the living room is understated. It is a room filled with mostly whites. The sofas are white and cream, with no busy patterns. The walls and even the bookshelf are painted white. The colors are reserved for accessories, such as- of course- the books, and the carpet. The carpet is a pretty fuchsia pink with purple patterns embroidered on it.

The center table is made of dark tinted glass. It adds to the room’s modern feel. The floor is wooden. The room does not look too cold, empty and minimalist thanks to the presence of many pieces of art hanging on the walls.

The hundreds of books on the wall make the room look vibrant and warm. It will also definitely serve as a conversation point for guests who come in and are impressed by the seemingly large collection.

Apart from paintings and a few flowers here and there, there isn’t much decorating the various free surfaces. There are no vases or trinkets to be seen. The designer has wisely adopted this method of décor as it keeps away the illusion of clutter and busy-ness.

This room is a nice mix of modern minimalism with cozy additions. The furniture could have been bony and bare, but the sofas look comfortable and soft. The silver cushions aren’t patterned but are a classy. Grey and white are a minimalist’s favorite colors, as they are simple and understated. They can easily be boring, however, and this is canceled out by the various bursts of color coming from around the room.

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