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Unique White Bedroom

Unique bedroom

Unique bedroom

The bedroom in the picture above is the personification of beauty. The color theme for the whole room is basically a pure and smooth white. White adds a sense of spaciousness and serenity to a room, and this is what it undoubtedly does here.

The walls are white, and so is the bed. The floor is an off white, carpeted to add comfort to people within. In fact, the soft carpet looks so soft to the touch that I feel saddened not stepping on it at this moment. The main component of this room isn’t the floor though, it is the bed.

The bed is shaped uniquely. The base and frame are dark shades of brown, contrasting with the pure white mattress. The mattress itself looks like something anyone would love to collapse into. There are four pillows on the bed, white and patterned intricately. The uniqueness of the bed is brought out by the head end of its frame. The top of the head of the bed stretches upward and over the mattress like a mother hen’s wing covers her chick. This frame is of course, a dark and deep brown.

Away from the bed are other small parts of the bed- like an oval mirror, a chair to sit on, and a large window. The windowsills are white, but they take nothing away from the view of green tree branches we get.

Beside the bed is a small extension made of glass that has ample space for things like flower vases or objects of decoration. This shows us how easily the room’s design brings out the fact that furniture parts can look beautiful without really occupying much space. These glass shelves are a perfect example- they are small and do not occupy much space, yet they give a person space to put things.

All in all, this bedroom is very charming. It may be hard to maintain with its carpeted floor and strange bed, but it resonates with calm and a sort of traditional perfection.

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