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Uniquely designed shelves for your walls

Uniquely designed shelves

Uniquely designed shelves

Interior design can be successful even if it is random. You can only find something appealing and interesting if you experiment, and I feel that is what the designer has done over here. Changing it up and using different materials, shapes, colors, and varieties make for a good and creative design.

I see lots of beauty in these shelves. They resemble simple things- pieces of paper cut up into random shapes and stuck on the wall in awkward positions. In fact, they look exactly like that! The paper seems to be folded to form platforms to support things.

On a white background, I believe anything can look good. But take nothing away from the design. For some odd reason, I can picture these shelves suddenly sprouting wings- white and smooth like a dove’s- and taking off, fluttering around the room. In fact, one of these shelves looks exactly like a bird in flight.

They look like pieces of paper, yet they are solid enough to support the weight of many CDs or books, or even ornaments for decoration. ‘Looks can be deceiving’ is a phrase that can be well used when it comes to this design. It really does seem like paper to me. I cannot fathom how these delicate things support any weight at all, but that is why it is fantastic.

These shelves, attached to wall, take up no space at all. They cannot restrict maneuverability, and they only add to space in the room, not take it up. They can also fit in almost ANYWHERE, because of how simple they look. They are also very easy to maintain and install. I truly like this design because it evokes the imagination of an observer as well as being a logical piece to use in interior design. It is an artist’s work, which is vital in increasing the appeal of a room.

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