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Unity in Interior Design of a Living Room

Family Room

Family Room

The most important thing in life is not money, but family. Family brings people together, keeps them close, and spreads the love. And believe it or not, interior design can influence how a family spends time together. Usually, the family room is considered the living room, nowadays, the television room. The variety of things in that room makes sure a family never lacks for anything to do in that room. On top of that, the room must be happy, bright, colorful, buzzing with energy, and spacey. Using this as a living room would only benefit your family, as it seems to be just brimming with energy and fun.

The floor is an ordinary stormy grey color, while the walls are a bright white. The sofa set in the middle of the room is white as well. The sofa is shaped so that it has a lot of space on it for people to lounge. The cushions on it are darkly colored. The room is lit very well, by a classy chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The most important part of this room is the wall next to the sofa set. The wall contains not just the television but also the bookshelves, all attached to the ceiling. The shelf houses a huge amount of books, making sure that the people within the room always have something to read. On one section of the wall, it is painted kiwi green, and the television screen isĀ attachedĀ to it. The placement of the television and sofa may be too much in proximity to each other though.

The room is a perfect example of a family room. It has a huge amount of space, is colored well, is decorated very well, and seems to be abounding in happiness. It seems to be the perfect place for family bonding.

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