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Use a touch of gold to decorate bedroom interiors

Gold and glitter

Gold and glitter

When I first saw this room, I thought it was a shop. I’ve walked past so many shop displays that look like this- sparkly, luxurious, and alluring. It took a while for me to realize it was a bedroom. And what a bedroom it is.

At first glance, I would say that an all -encapsulating warmth fills this room, but warmth would be an underestimation. Gold light permeates through every pore of this room, making it brighter and more beautiful. The room also has a sense of delicateness that comes with the large amount of glass used in its structure.

The bed, right in the center, is the only non-gold thing in the room. The mattress is white, surrounded by black and white patterns on the pillow and bed frame. The view through the glass window on the side of the room is absolutely delightful. It can be covered by pretty cream colored curtains. One thing to notice is the lights present, glowing at the top of them. This only shows how much the golden yellow lights can influence the appeal of a room.

In all honesty, this room can be summed up in one word- luxury. It looks like a seven star hotel’s bedroom. On the upside, it is beautiful, pretty, well lit, and innovative. On the downside, it is extremely hard to maintain and take care of. With glass everywhere, you’re bound to break something at least once a week.

The only simple part of this room seems to be the circular bedside tables on either side of the bed.

I would not be able to survive in this room. Regardless of its beauty, it’s too delicate for me. I feel that many people would feel the same way about it too. But it scores very high when it comes to appeal, space, and smart designing.

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