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Use an elegant black theme for Interior Design

Elegance in black

Elegance in black

A room based on the central theme of the color black is a good idea. Black is a color that is classy, smart, and a perfect agent to complement another color. Black thrives on other colors as well as itself. It looks very good with colors like white, red, green, and yellow. It is extremely easy to contrast with. Black furniture has always amazed mainly because of how smooth it looks. Most people prefer black laptops to silver laptops only because they look better. But black is not easy to maintain. A black car accumulates dust far more easily than any color- because it most visible here. On top of that, a scratch on black looks horrible. On white, it may be slightly invisible, but it is completely in-your-face in the color black. Colors are easily the most important in interior design. A design can be shaped beautifully, and made so that it occupied very less space, but if its colors clash horrendously and don’t look good, then the whole design is a waste. Colors can make a room look calm or aggressive, bright or dull, and many other things. If the room in the picture had the wrong colors, someone would try setting it on fire because of the amount of beauty it loses.

The floor in this room consists of horizontally and vertically placed slabs of black wood, making it look like a black checker board. The floor seems smooth, and easy to maintain. The wall behind the bed is patterned black, and the mirror frame is also black. The general design of the room is slightly darker than it should be, and that is not a very welcome thing in many people’s views, the white pillows offer the only source of contrast in the room, on the black bedcover. The side table is the same shade of black. This room is spacious, and relatively easy to maintain because it is not too full of things. It is a simple color, without any needless variety, and it looks very classy.

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