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Use Art For Bathroom Interior Decoration

Artistic Bathroom

Artistic Bathroom

Art is a very important part of a house. Most people have art in some form on their walls, or on coffee tables or even on shelves. Art is everywhere. It can be sculptures, installations, large paintings, small prints, posters, designer carpets, mirrors and so on. But, have you ever really given much thought to art in the bathroom?

To most, a bathroom is strictly functional. It is the last place people want to go to look at art. Yes, people do try to make it glamorous and fancy with shiny tiles and expensive faucets, but not many actually decorate their bathrooms with art. It is deemed unnecessary because people use a bathroom to bathe, to use the toilet and to generally freshen up.

Now, more and more people are realizing the importance of having a great looking bathroom. What is wrong with putting up a few pictures and sculptures in your bathroom? It is after all, a room. And it is a room that everybody uses, regardless. So why not decorate it with wonderful art work and pretty wallpaper.

If you do not intend putting up paintings in your bathroom, you could at least get nice wallpaper for the walls. Search for various colors and patterns, look for unique prints or vintage designs, and color code the entire bathroom. If you want your room to be beige with black and gold, then find a simple but decorative wallpaper, and accent with white.

It is always nice to keep a little statuette by the basin, as it adds a little interest to the room. A major problem in a lot of bathrooms is the lack of privacy because of large windows. Sure, you need windows to give ventilation to a small space, but this also puts your privacy at risk. So a nice do-it-yourself remedy would be to hang pictures artfully on the windows, thus covering up visibility and looking good at the same time.

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