Bedroom Interior Designs — May 22, 2011 at 1:37 pm

Use bright red for bedroom's interior design

Red  theme in bedroom

Red theme in bedroom

The bright, blazing colors of fire can evoke many emotions. Even looking into the heart of a fire can reveal beauty in color to a person. The colors of fire not only look good, but also glow with warmth. Orange, red, and yellow just seem to exude waves of warmth. At first, you may think that red is maybe too bright, too in-your-face, and the color is disregarded immediately. But using colors like red well involves placing them in important parts of the room, putting them on smooth and sleek surfaces, choosing whether to keep them dull or shiny, or to combine and form a theme of them with lighter colors like white and black. Walking into a room like this catches a person’s attention excellently, and ensures that the attention remains fixed. The colors show beauty, style, and brilliance in design, I feel.

The smooth wooden floor with its huge white carpet exists to present a change from the hues of red in the room. The room is very spacious. The bed takes up barely any space, even though it is very large. The shelf on the side is very uniquely made- consisting of white boxes acting as shelf platforms, fixed to a steel pole. The extremely tall lantern with a beautiful slim gold neck is another example of intricate and beautiful design. The lighting is very well done as well. The crystal chandelier on top lights up the whole room beautifully and seems to be tipped with strawberries. The redness of the room is brought out everywhere. The wallpaper behind the bed, the bed cover and pillows, and the curtains are all the same red. The red is not bright or crimson red but a peach-like red. This color makes the room seem more natural. The room is designed very well- spacious, colored exceptionally well, and easy to maintain.

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