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Use Carpets In Interior Design

Striking carpet

Striking carpet

Carpets are a beautiful addition to any space. They are rich in design and color, and can make a room look extremely pretty. Carpets come in rectangular or circular shapes, and have a number of designs. Carpets from the Middle East and Morocco are especially beautiful. Kashmiri carpets also look gorgeous in a home that has otherwise simple décor.

Carpets are hard to maintain. They need to be vacuumed weekly because they collect and absorb a lot of dirt and dust. Shoes and feet are always trampling over carpets and because of the thick material, a lot of dirt gets stuck to the carpets.

You can either nail the carpet to the floor so that it doesn’t move, or you can use it like a rug and just place it under a center table. In India, carpets are very popular because they look beautiful in the living room. In the West, carpets are used mainly to keep an area warm.

Carpets can either take up the entire floor space of a room, or it can be smaller. Usually, the larger the carpet, the better it looks. Bold designs and bright colors look great on a carpet. Stick to black lines with earthy colors as they are muted and more sophisticated.

If you want to have some colorful furniture, then stick to a monotonous carpet. A single color like rust or even beige will work well. Avoid really light colors like white because they are extremely hard to maintain. White will look very dirty in a few months and will have to be replaced constantly. A gray carpet might work better.

You don’t have to use carpets on the floor. If you are the creative type, you might be able to frame a large carpet and hang it on the wall like a huge center piece. This can make a space look edgy and more interesting immediately.

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