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Use of lighting in interior design

Foyer in purple

Foyer in purple

There are a number of factors that influence how good a particular piece or part of interior design is. These may include space, colors and much more. But one of the most important factors is lighting. During the day, open windows can automatically fill a room with daylight. Unfortunately though, day does not last forever. When the sun  sets, the room’s lighting steps up. How a room is lit influences how good it looks. If it is lit dimly, then integral parts of the room, like attractive furniture, will be overlooked. Imagine how bad the designer would feel if the room was filled with beautiful, intricate pieces of furniture, but without the light to see it and scrutinize it accurately? A subtle way of lighting in many rooms is to attach  tiny bulbs in the ceiling, where they look like little circles of light from below. Hanging lanterns are also very common. Chinese lanterns, made of delicate material and patterned with diagrams, are very common, and also extremely appealing to many people. This room seems to have somehow devised a way of having innovative, suave lights in a futuristic design. From the stairs to the purple colors, this design already oozes class. To make it look even better, you need lights to make the entire place visible. You wouldn’t want to miss a thing in here. When I first set eyes on these lights, I thought they looked a bit like eye balls. You can guess that eyeballs hanging from the ceiling might just scare people off, but that’s where I realized my imagination was taking this design to the wrong end ofthe stick. The lights look like crystal balls, or just mystical orbs, blazing with light. The lights above the stairs are spaced out while below, they are arranged in clusters, like the eyes are gazing at each other. This original way of lighting is not a forgettable design, and can definitely fit in anywhere, if it can fit in with the catchy shade of purple here.

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