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Use of white walls and dark wood furniture for interior design

Dark Wood and White Walled Room

Dark Wood and White Walled Room

Small spaces are usually perceived as tricky to decorate. This is a false perception. They are in fact, much easier to decorate than large spaces because they require lesser expenses, lesser objects and lesser problems in general.

This space is a particularly small space. It is almost like an attic space that has been decorated by a person who loves old objects and libraries. The atmosphere of the room is charming and pleasant with cozy feel. While the area is rather crowded, it is full of personality and light.

The color palette is composed of mostly white. However there is a lot of brown and a bit of green. The walls have been completely whitewashed. This is a clever idea as white always acts as a great base color. White is also wonderfully light reflecting. It is perfect for a small room because it makes a room appear larger than it actually is. This is an important rule in interior decoration that must be remembered forever.

Once you’ve used white as a base color, you can add layers of other colors and it will look good without a doubt. There is a lot of wood used here, because there is a lot of furniture. The furniture is made of dark wood. Dark wood always adds sophistication and elegance to a place. Light wood on the other hand, adds a more youthful, less mature vibe.

Adding to the visual texture of the room is the animal print rug that lies on the floor. Visual texture is also seen through the cushion covers, the vintage mirror frame, and the wooden flooring.

This room has a well rounded, comfortable feel to it thanks to the couch in the corner. One must not sacrifice comfort for beauty. While beauty is obviously extremely important, no one will really feel good living in a place that is harsh and uncomfortable.

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