Bathroom Interior Designs — March 27, 2011 at 5:36 pm

Use of Wood and Stone for Bathroom Design

Bathroom Splendor

Bathroom Splendor

When bathrooms are designed, many things are generally kept in mind. Other than appeal and attractiveness, we also have to address things that are vital to the room design, i.e.,  space, maneuverability, and maintenance.  We always see bathrooms and bedrooms with such a huge amount of space, it stuns you. This excess space is not really needed, and you can’t really put furniture in a bathroom to make it seem less empty. This bathroom may suit those who want more than just usefulness. It is definitely one way to go a little overboard for a sense of luxury and for that unusual addition to your home.

The attractiveness of the room is taken care of as well. The floor consists of medium sized tiles, rectangular in shape. Each tile is colored with an unpredictably-fading mottled brown. The mirror is rectangular, and placed directly above the platform on which the wash basin is. There are two basins, identical in shape. The platform is a clean and bright white. The platform is supported by a rich brown, wooden base which has many drawers and cupboards. This is a beautiful way of adding sotrage space in the room for bathroom necessities.

The most eye catching thing in the entire room is the circular bathtub, and the area around and above it. Clearly, it was made with novelty in mind. The bathtub itself resembles the basin in its color.The tub resembles an inverted saucer in a lovely decorated container.This container is basically stone, that is showered with black, white, gray, and navy blue spots. Above the tub are three pairs of compartments, each with space for ornaments of decoration. These small compartments are lit from within, adding a glowing aura to the decorations. The lighting system of the bathroom consists mainly of small circular lights. There are many of them, and they’re placed like a boundary line on the ceiling. This lighting system is modern and attractive.This room is spacious, well designed, and appealing. I truly love the use of cool colors and white lighting.

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