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Use Posters As Artwork In Interior Decoration

Keep Calm Corner

Keep Calm Corner

Artwork in houses is always a very wonderful way of expressing yourself. The art you have always reflects your taste. It displays your knack for finding things that can create a certain visual interest in a room, and also add to the room or space in terms of color. Art work can usually be procured from gallery showings, but more and more people are buying art off the internet, or finding them cheap in flea markets.

Nowadays, more and more folk are turning to posters as an art form that can be displayed in houses. Posters are popular, cheap and also very colorful. A white room looks great with a colorful poster as it adds an edge. Film posters, posters of bands and concerts, or even posters with positive messages can be uplifting and add a sense of interest to any space. Posters are also quite big, and can be framed to give it an interesting style.

A lot of artists put up art work and posters in their studios as they provide inspiration. Children and teenagers put up posters of favorite male and female icons or rock bands. The French are well known for their love of posters. A famous poster artist of the later nineteenth century, Toulouse Lautrec, made a number of commercial posters for the Moulin Rouge.

When getting a poster for your space, try to keep a theme. For example, vintage posters look great in houses that are quaint and have a rather eccentric style. Vintage posters can be from any decade. Sixties posters that display illustrated advertisements are very chic and very in.

Try to match your accessories to your poster. If your poster is mainly composed of reds, then try to use a complementary color or even the same color in the cushions, carpet and so on. This gives the room some unity in design.

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