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Use red to brighten up your interior design

Brilliant Red Theme

Brilliant Red Theme

Bright red is not a color that is normally used in a room. It is a dangerous color for interior decoration because it is warm and can hurt the eyes. Designers normally don’t recommend it because it can tire the eyes easily, and too much red is very overly stimulating. Blue is a more common color that is used.

Red however, is exciting, warm and passionate. It is a wonderfully hot blooded and romantic color that can be cooled down by becoming maroon or pink. It takes a lot of open mindedness to experiment with pure, unadulterated red that is full of heat. Even when it is used, it is used in small doses. Red that is used all over a room is definitely overwhelming, and you don’t need a designer to tell you that.

This bedroom has definitely used red to its advantage. It is a very bright, bold red. It does not hide behind dark tones and calm colors. This poster red is all over the walls, but is covered by many framed objects that balance it out. This is an excellent idea. The designer and owner have made the room calmer and more personalized by adding photographs and other pictures on the walls.

There is also a juxtaposition of bright and calm, while retaining lightness. The designers have cleverly used gray on the sheets to balance out the bright red. Gray is a very cooling color that is usually considered dull. Over here, it is lit up by the overexposure of red.

Once again, bright colors are added to the lower half of the room thanks to the lemon yellow pillows with floral motifs. Yellow goes very well with red, but with the gray it looks remarkable.

If you plan on using red, try to use it this way. It will help your room look better instantly.

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