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Use space saving furniture for interior design

Space saving furniture

Space saving furniture

Sometimes you need to look into smaller aspects of a room to realize what is needed to make it a complete space. The most important part of a room is the furniture, and what is used to fill the room up. The next thing is the color scheme and pattern. This displays one’s affinity for good aesthetics. The final thing is the actual use of space- should the room be cluttered or minimalist or a bit of both?

One of the big problems with interior decoration today is the fact that people try to fit everything that matches into a space. This subtracts the interest of the area in a number of ways. It is always nice to see a certain amount of individuality and originality in a room. Why not use a garden bench as a sofa rather than a typical couch?

A number of interior decorators have caught on to this sensibility. More and more people are veering towards flea markets and vintage stores to get unique pieces that add an eclectic touch to a space. Furniture that is wonderfully different is always welcome.

This shelf is a perfect example of such a piece. At first glance, it looks like a typical wooden cabinet that holds alcohol or books. However, when you look at it a second time, you will really begin to see the beauty and texture of the piece. It has a very retro feel thanks to its height and shape. It looks futuristic in a way that implies that when it was made, this was how futurism looked. It has sharp edges and basic lines, yet does not come across as a modern minimalist piece in any way.

The cabinet will look great in a living room and can even hold a television set. It doubles as a table counter, to hold coffee table books and vases.

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