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Use Unique Wall Paper in Interior Design

Unique Wallpaper

Unique Wallpaper

A room cannot be a room without walls. The importance of walls is shown in how much trouble is taken to make sure they look good. Walls are usually colored a simple and plain white, because white is peaceful, calming, inexpensive, and seems to never be ugly. But when one is bored of using plain colors to color walls, or if painting walls is not possible, we use wallpapers. Wallpapers allow a person to experiment, to try many things. One particular wall paper may not match the furniture in a room, but it’s so easy to take off that wallpaper, and put on another. Wallpapers can make a room. If you have black furniture in a room, black wallpaper looks horrible with it. But if you use white patterned wallpaper instead, the room instantly becomes a success.

If you look at the design in the picture, you will see how well utilized this wallpaper is. Black and white, being the simplest of all color themes, works out brilliantly here. The small silver drawer, held by black legs, with plenty of space on its black top, matches the wallpaper behind it beautifully. There is plenty of contrast involved in this design as well, between the black and white and baby pink shades. The lampshade on the drawer is simple, bright, and pretty. Its shade is a sectored pink, and its body is simple, see-through glass, that lets us see the wallpaper behind it. The pink cushion on the right adds to the contrasting effect. The wallpaper basically consists of a white background with black hearts amidst curving and curling lines. In fact, it looks slightly psychedelic with its swirling patterns. The most important thing to make note over here is that the wallpaper is extremely eye catching, and is an excellent idea for any room.

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