Bathroom Interior Designs — June 6, 2011 at 2:40 am

Use wallpaper for bathroom décor


Bathrooms are the most important parts of a house. There simply cannot be a house that is complete without a bathroom. A big house must have at least four bathrooms in order to function properly.

A studio apartment could probably make do with one bathroom, while a slightly larger loft may have two or three.

Bathrooms are not paid much attention to because of their limited space and the fact that no one really looks at a bathroom as a place where one can find good design. This is a wrong idea, because a bathroom deserves good decoration just as much as the living room or the dining room. Guests use the bathroom, and no one likes to see a dirty, unkempt space.

A bathroom must have a basin, a mirror, a toilet bowl and a shower. Smaller bathrooms that are used more as “powder rooms” have only a mirror and a basin. While it is expensive to have one of a kind water faucets and glass showers, a bathroom can be done up well to look pretty and elegant.

Have you ever thought of using wallpaper in the bathroom? Usually the furthest people go when decorating a bathroom is painting the walls in a nice color and getting a pricey mirror that suits the walls. Wallpaper is a better, more exciting option.

Try getting different designs and prints. Buy them online instead of the local store in order to avoid a generic appearance. For example, the bathroom in the image has been designed around an oriental theme. There are floral motifs on the walls and an ode to nature that is found in greens, browns and reds. The background of the wallpaper is white, and this is advisable, because the bathroom is rather small. Too many colors in the room would result in a very cramped feel.

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