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Use Warm Tones For An Open Sitting Room

Living Room

Living Room

This large sitting room space is a warm and cozy area that is full of aesthetically pleasing details. The interior decorator has done an excellent job showcasing a very Moroccan style place that looks polished, classy, eclectic and sophisticated.

The room has used mostly browns and warm tones to create the distinctly east-European feel. There is no trace of minimalism or pretentiousness. The space is like a love letter to the owner’s tastes and interests.

The center of the space is a beautiful, flat, chest that functions as an interesting coffee table. It is a truly international, yet ‘Pottery Barn-esque’ piece (remember that episode of Friends, anyone?) that makes the room look artful all on its own.

The sofa and armchairs are luxurious, large and comfortable. They are decked in fabrics with earthy tones and mature shades. The armchairs have a Romantic-era, historical feel, and are intricately designed.

The whole setting rests on a large carpet that adds a textural feel to the entire space. The patterns and prints offset the basic tones of the furniture, without becoming overbearing and unflattering. This is clever use of design and shows a wonderful aesthetic sense. It also displays the interior decorator’s wonderful sense of color usage and how it can be maximized to create a wonderful space.

Other interesting features of the room add to its personality. Notice how the door is shaped differently. The door itself is a piece of art, as are the columnar pillars that move the eye away from the living room. The vases on the coffee table are ceramic with a slightly Grecian feel.

It is this commitment to each individual piece that makes the room what it is. This is a wonderful example of a room filled with personality and warmth. Be inspired.

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