Apartment Interior Designs, Living Room Interior Designs — February 20, 2013 at 11:04 pm

Various comfort and dinner areas in your home



We offer you to inspire on ideas of creating a cozy home, let the comfort be the main ingredient in creating of living rooms and dining areas with the use of modern technology and elements of classics.

Interesting solution of using wood in windows and ceiling, as main parts of the building. Look at how modern those classic leather chairs look. 


Unusual fireplace built-in the wall looks great in addition to the marble as a side element(it is also used in the coffee table). Great color scheme which consists of darker shades of grey going lighter and lighter. Interesting contrasts with those golden pieces of art. Very balanced feeling. White table used as both dinner/lunch table and working area. 


Another designers solution to include a fireplace in the very center of the living room, which also acts as a room divider.


Modern minimalism in this comfort zone interior. Coexisting of various different materials and choice of sofas is interesting. 


Winning decision of combining kitchen with a terrace not only gives you lots of space to play with, but gives opportunity to have meals outside. 


Interesting solution creating an island here, that is both: a) function as a dinner table and b) being a place to cook. 

Thank you for viewing and come back for more!

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