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Vibrant Bedroom

Vibrant Bedroom

Vibrant Bedroom

This simple room is a wonderful example of how color blocking can be used as a highly effective way of design. The room is a bedroom, and is comfortable and well-designed as any bedroom should be. The four-poster bed adds to the charm of the room that has used space effectively even though it isn’t a very large room.

The main color palette in the room is an infusion of green, yellow, beige and dark wood brown. The owner or decorator has stuck to this color scheme throughout the room. Green is always a soothing color that brings about thoughts of nature, trees and plants. The walls are painted a soothing, dark green that is offset by the yellow accents of the room. The decorator has very smartly not used a bright yellow. Bright yellow tends to exhaust the eye, and can become cloying and irritating. Instead, the decorator has used a pale yellow that is bright enough to add a pop of color instead of hurting the eye.

The four poster bed in the center is made of dark wood, and this is a sophisticated piece that just adds to the charm of the room. The bed sheet is a cream, and the pillows are yellow.

On either side of the bed, there are narrow windows. Windows are essential to provide natural lighting. The windows have screens instead of curtains. In terms of artificial lighting, the big ceiling light hanging down over the bed is attractive without being intrusive.

In terms of accessorizing, the owner has hung a gorgeous framed print above the four-poster bed. This is the sole piece of art and the decorator has not crowded the pretty walls with too much art work. This lets the print in the middle speak for itself.

All in all, this is an excellent example of how a few colors can make a room look exciting and vibrant, while maintaining a certain amount of class and sophistication.

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