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Victorian Interior Design


One of he most elegant interior design concepts is that of the Victorian style which dates back many centuries ago. Their expensive tapestries and linens have been popular for a long time, even after that era was gone. You can easily create a Victorian styled room without going over your budget. Many people think that when you design the interior of your home in this manner, that it will be very expensive but is quite achievable without spending thousands of dollars.

It’s always a good idea to look through pictures on the Internet of Victorian interior design.  To make things easier, buying items in sets rather then purchasing a single item – you are able to save more and it will also allow you plenty of time to concentrate on the rest of the home. After all, matching up item after item to see if it is the right color can really be time consuming.

-A few things to remember concerning Victorian Design Often, back in those days – they would use dark colors on their fabrics while the walls remained untouched but you are still welcome to paint your walls if you want a warm interior.

-The fireplaces are often polished without too many decorations. You can import materials to create a white marble fireplace which is what most of them used during the Victorian days.

-One very noticeable aspect was their windows. All of them were stain glass, often custom made.  This can be very expensive, but using the right materials you can create your own stain glass.

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