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Wall Decal Decor For Minimalistic Interiors


Amazing Wall Decal

Amazing Wall Decal

Much has been said about minimalistic themes in interior decoration.  Many resort to such themes when they don’t want a showy setting or when comfort and bare necessities are what they are looking for. This does not necessarily mean that one can leave the room bereft of other kinds of decors.  There are many who are on to minimalistic decor who wouldn’t even want any kind of object of art or wall hangings in their style of decor. True, there is also wholesome beauty in simplicity. The furniture should be only the essential ones. This does make a lot of sense when the home or apartment is small and one dislikes clutter.  The more the objects, the more the difficult it is to maintain them. They have to be kept dust free to maintain a clean and health living atmosphere. So it makes sense when they would like to do away with that.

Here you see a bedroom that has been styled with a minimalistic theme. Yet it is beautiful and striking. This is where wall decals come into play. A simple wooden cot with all the necessary bedding ensemble and a neat storage unit is all that is seen here. See how cleverly the decorator has managed to create a vibrant room simply by the use of colors that contrast. The walls and the floor tiles have a neat and clean white theme. The roof has been painted with the staid white color too. The vibrancy has been achieved simply by the bedding elements and the wall decals. The red, orange and deep pink colors of the bedding add the much needed color. The simple flora decal on the cupboard creates a major impact here.  The tall colorful shadowed mushroom wall decal on the bedside wall gives the room an illusion of depth and manages to create the simple elegance which has been so successfully  achieved here.

So those of you who are going in for a minimalistic style, take a cue from this amazing interior decor!

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